Social Media Promotion for Partners

The SocialMediaWall-IX is a joyful contribution opportunity for event organizers and amongst visitors. This user interaction can be used at virtual, hybrid, and at onsite events.

This is about creating community and encouraging visitors to post their thoughts and experiences about the event.

Collect social media posts from your attendees and display them on your customized branded event wall. 
People will gather around your wall like a campfire and start talking to each other. It’s an excellent icebreaker, and everyone loves spotting their posts highlighted on a large interactive wall.

The social media guidelines will help you generate brand awareness and increase your traffic to attendees. We created this for sponsors and speakers to spread awareness during the event.

Highlight your organization’s technical specialty, unique services, and value to customers across Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

This unique virtual conference platform features a virtual social media wall and we encourage your social media teams to post throughout the days of the event.
Attendees can see your posts on the social media wall during the event within the platform. The social wall will update with the most recent posts. Your posts will appear as long as you use the hashtags and tag on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The event owner can define up to 5 connections to each social platform by profile name or hashtag, it's can from Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube or any other platform you work with. 

Please send us the information in the following format
Twitter: @********** (please replace * with relevant link)
Instagram: @********** (please replace * with relevant link)
Facebook: @********* (please replace * with relevant link)

Official Conference hashtags:
#******* (please replace with relevant link)
#******* (please replace with relevant link)
#******** (please replace with relevant link)

Leverage your presence with attendees by:
o Increase traffic to your virtual expo booth & increase brand awareness
o Follow on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
o Use @ mentions
o Tweet your experience and retweet our #------------------

If you have questions on social media, ask us and we can help. See you on the
social wall.