What should you do on the day of the event?

Attendees will be able to visit your booth from the lobby by clicking on exhibition in the navigation bar
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Once attendees click on the Exhibition tab, it takes them to the exhibition where they can visit each sponsor
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Sponsor Booth
Attendees have the option to click on each sponsor booth to download collateral (presentations, videos, PDFs), leave a message (video, audio, or text), and request to meet with a salesperson
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By clicking on Brochures, Presentations, or Videos a pop up window will displaying the content your company has uploaded. Please note, sponsors can view lead reports in real time by clicking on the Reports tab. please look our report guide for all the information You will also be notified if someone wants to chat, leaves a message, or wants access to the virtual meeting space.

Managing Your Admin Panel
Please make sure you keep your admin panel window open if you’re managing the booth to field messages that appear in your Video Ask tab and download real-time lead reports from your Report tab
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Once an attendee clicks on the sealsperon icon, a pops up window displaying the sales people that have been added pre-event through the admin panel. The attendee has the ability to click Meet Me and they’re taken to the waiting room and can request entry by knocking on the door. This is where the sponsor has the opportunity to let them in or keep the current meeting private