Sample letter to Poster submitters


Dear (Name of Poster Owner),

Congratulations, your accepted abstract for e-Poster presentation at the (full congress name and dates)

You will need to upload your e-Poster by (submission date), by following the instructions below. (Optional - Due to overwhelming requests, we are extending our deadline a bit - but UPLOAD IMMEDIATELY PLEASE. This is to allow ample time for the uploading of your e-Poster online prior to the Symposium.)

E-Poster Preparation:

Please prepare your poster and save it as a PDF file. Your poster document should not be larger than ONE (1) A4 PAGE, Horizontal or Vertical based on Organizer guidelines. Participating delegates to (congress name) will be able to resize and zoom into posters online, but please do make sure text is a fully legible size and font. (Any information over this limit will not be saved into our system.)

All posters can link one (1) .mp4 video file to describe and comment on your research (3 minutes, max length .mp4, YouTube or Vimeo video).

All posters can upload one (1) .mp3 audio file to describe and comment on your research. (8 minutes, max length audio).

Please enter our (congress name) e-Poster submission site by providing your private User Name and Password below:

E-Poster submission  (link to the relevant Poster Admin)

User Name: email address of Poster Presenter

Password: from the system

Click on the e-Poster title which you authorize and follow the steps below:

Step 1: Accept the terms and conditions of your e-Poster publication.

Step 2: Choose PDF to upload the e-Poster from your local disk.

Step 3: Choose your file* (*PDF format for the submission of your e-Poster) and click Save

Step 4: You may supply a video link & add the video name from Vimeo or YouTube in the following example format (please note you must save your video first on either the Vimeo or YouTube platforms):

You may also upload .mp3 audio files, to describe your researchbut please do keep them less than 8 minutes.

(Optional - ** TRAINEES - In order to be reviewed for student awards, your poster must be accompanied by an audio file describing your research. **)

Step 5: Click on 'Properties' to allow permission for (Congress name) delegates to download a copy of your e-Poster

Step 6: You are done!

Should you have any technical questions, please feel free to contact the Technical Support Team at (Project Manager email)

For any queries not related to the upload of your E-Posters, please contact (contact details of organizing committee)

Kindest regards,

The SIMUL Team on behalf of the (congress name)