In this section we will be able to configure all Push notifications we will need to keep the attendees informed about the different actions of the Event. Push notifications will be received by all attendees even if the application is closed. 

To access we only need to click on the Notification icon.

Then, you need to click "Create your first one" to start creating Push notifications.

We will need to introduce the "Tittle" that will be received by the attendees.

We can also introduce more text in the "Description" field for more detailed information.

"Push" marks means the notification will be received whatever the attendee have the App closed or not. It is marked by default. 

Now, we need to introduce the date and time we want to send the Push notification.

We can select the groups we want to receive the notifications if we have previously have created the groups. 

Notifications can be referred to any subject or item e.g. Agenda, Sponsors, Speakers, etc.