The MapĀ“s section will allow you to create different locations and places for your event. We will find two different options.

We can add a map item including a picture and a text describing all the information we would like to display. On the other hand, we can also create a geolocation map to support attendees to arrive to any location of the event.
If we click "Add new", we will need to fill a form.

Name*: the name we want to define for the map or geolocation. Mandatory field.

 we can include a brief text about the location, e.g. "click the picture for accessing to the map".

If we add a geolocation map, we can describe it in this field e.g. "click the picture for the geolocation map".

Image Upload: 
we can add a picture related to the map. This picture must have the defined size: 720px X 536px.

Please be careful with the size of the file. You can use this tool  to make it smaller if necessary

If the item is a geolocation map, we would not able to include any picture. 

Latitude and longitude: with these parameters, we can geolocate the map. We can obtain them using Google Maps.

: in this field, we introduce the complete address for the location. 

Tags: we can include Tag s to our maps to support the search or to link it with other subjects.

Category: we can include categories to our maps.

You can find detailed information in the video tutorial below.