Within this section we can include all the related information, activities to do during the event, support documentation/agenda, and any other information we want to share with the attendees. 

To create it, we need to fill a form.

Name*: for the document. Mandatory field. 

 in this field, we can add a brief description of the document. 

 we can create different categories.

 here we will upload the document to be included in the App: .pdf, .doc, and .xls extensions among others are admitted. 

If the App has been created in different languages, you will be able to upload one document by language.

If possible, please use .pdf documents to upload, as it is a valid format for any mobile device and can be downloaded later with any operative system.

Please be careful with the size of the file. You can use this tool  to make it smaller if necessary https://tinypng.com/

 we can use tags to support the search or to link the document with any subject. 

You can also have a look at the video tutorial below: