Questions to the speakers, moderation, and projection

This functionality allows attendees to ask questions to the Speakers. It has to be activated by an Admin in the Agenda section. We would need to activate each session one by one.

Once we have done it, the selected sessions will appear in the "Questions to the Speaker" section in the app. The attendee only needs to select the session and the speaker to include the question. Also,  if the App is a public one, the attendee will have the option to include his/her name.

If the Admin person has selected that the questions have to be moderated, the user will receive a message with this information. Otherwise, the question will appear directly and will be visible to all attendees.

Moderation and questions display. 

As you will find the video tutorial, the sessions allowed to have questions and if these questions are going to be moderated or not,  are managed in the Backend.

This is a specific Backend to manage questions and voting functionalities from their mobile or tablet device. You will find the access to this specific Backend in the "Promote" section. 

The Speakers Backend can be used from mobile device to moderate questions and the display.

When you go onto the Speakers Backend with your credentials we will have two sections: "Agenda questions" and "Voting room". We will access to the "Agenda questions" section.

There will appear the list of the sessions we have in the Agenda with questions to the speakers allowed. At the right of each session, you will see de "Presentation mode" link to display it.
To moderate the questions of each session, we only would need to click in the title. You recommend you to access the link from the device you are projecting and access to the Speaker Backend from another device.

How to moderate questions.

You will see there the list of received questions. If the questions have not been marked to be moderated, then all questions will appear as "Accepted", otherwise, the status for the questions will be " Pendant to be moderated" and will not appear in the attendees´ mobile devices neither the displayed screen. 

Please keep in mind that this screen will be updated automatically with the new received questions. Each question will include the information about who has made the question, to whom the question has been made, the question status and the different options. The Admin is going to be able to "Accept", "Reject" or "Delete" any question.

Accept.- the question is accepted y it will appear in attendees´ the mobile devices and in the presentation mode if the screen is being displayed. 

Reject.- the question will no appear anywhere apart from the Backend, just in case the admin decides to "Accept" it later. The attendee who made the question will not receive any notification.

Delete.- if the Admin deletes any question it will disappear from anywhere and can not be accepted later. The attendee who made the question will not receive any notification.

Please notice that any rejected questions can be accepted later, and any accepted question can be rejected or deleted.

Question to the speakers projection.
Within the list of a session in the Backend speakers, you will find the links for the projection mode of each session.

In the projection mode, only the accepted questions will be displayed. If this area is empty, only the title of the session will be displayed. If any new question is received, the Admin will receive a notification to select which ones are going to be projected.

In the screen will be displayed the title and time for each session. For each question will appear who made the question, to whom, date and time, and the text of the question.

If the Admin click in the date and time of the question, the display will change and only will appear the selected question. 

If the Admin click in the arrow on the Top, he/she will go back to the accepted question. With this option, the speaker can be focused in one question and not in the incoming ones.

You can also watch the video tutorial below.